Beverly Hills

Founded just over a century ago in 1914, Beverly Hills is synonymous with regal, opulent real estate. It is located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, placing it in one of the most naturally beautiful regions in Los Angeles. In addition to being only a short drive to the gorgeous California coast, Beverly Hills is home to world-class shopping, dining and other premier amenities. All told, it is a place that has a rich history and a richer future, causing Beverly Hills real estate to be among the top real estate markets in the world.

Beverly Hills real estate is known for its affluent residents and luxurious, extravagant way of life, causing it to be a destination for wealthy and influential individuals from the world over. Princes, queens, political officials, presidents and other international personalities come to Beverly Hills for the transcendent lifestyle offered by its hotels, restaurants and shopping havens. As if this weren’t enough, Beverly Hills is also home to a diverse cultural foundation, with stunning architecture, art galleries and the world-famous Rodeo Drive.

Get to know Beverly Hills

  • Population: about 34,500
  • Area: about 5.7 square miles
  • Primary zip code: 90210
  • Bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains (north), Bel Air (north and west), Los Angeles (south) and Hollywood (east)

Inhabitants of Beverly Hills enjoy the perfect weather that has come to be identified with Southern California. Only a stone’s throw from the beaches, Beverly Hills reaps the benefits of coastal breezes while remaining clear of the coastal marine layer. This is perfect for children and adults alike, who are privileged to enjoy a broad range of activities throughout the entire year. The weather is one of many reasons prestigious residents seek homes in Beverly Hills.

Both professionals and families alike will find a broad array of private, beautiful homes in Beverly Hills. These homes are of the highest caliber, providing location and quality on large plots of land, leaving plenty of space to roam around without ever seeing your neighbors. With all the privacy these homes offer, residents can easily access the many amenities of the city before returning home to relax.

The Beverly Hills real estate market is broken into three main categories:

The Flats, which is a relatively flat portion of Beverly Hills, located beneath Sunset Boulevard on palm tree-lined streets

Beverly Hills Proper, which is located in the beautiful, winding hills above Sunset Boulevard, with sprawling estates and gorgeous views.

Beverly Hills Post Office, which has the 90210 zip code but does not technically fall within the Beverly Hills city limits.

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